1h 45’ from downtown Thessaloniki


Built amphitheatrically on the slopes of Mt. Symvolo, the picturesque city of Kavala offers wonderful views to the Aegean Sea. Different historical eras combine beautifully in the city, where an Aqueduct, an imposing fortress, an Old Town and even a Mosque are located. Emblematic buildings, such as the Imaret, combine harmoniously with neoclassical and modern ones, to create a fascinating cityscape. From Kavala one can also visit the famous Philippi archaeological site, an Unesco world heritage centre, situated nearby.


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About Kavala: http://www.visitgreece.gr/en/main_cities/kavala

About Philippi: https://www.gtp.gr/TDirectoryDetails.asp?ID=15336




about 1h from downtown Thessaloniki

Lying on the north slopes of the Pierian mountains, the city was built in the Early Bronze Age (3rd millenium BC) and reached its peak in the Archaic (7th-6th centuries BC) and Classical periods (5th-4th centuries). Seat of Macedonian kings and the place with the most sanctuaries in the area, the city has also been famous for the wealth of the royal tombs, which were gathered in its extensive necropolis.

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Ancient Dion

about 1h from downtown Thessaloniki


Located at the northern foot of legendary Mt. Olympus and dedicated to Zeus, leader of the ancient Greek ‘Dodekatheon’, Dion was the official religious centre for Macedionians in the 5th century BC. Today, it is one of the most impressive open-air archeological sites in Greece, figuring several sanctuaries and two theatres.

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Beaches around Thessaloniki

about 30’ from downtown Thessaloniki


Offering a variety of water sports, the calm and relatively shallow waters of the beaches around Thessaloniki guarantee a nice and relaxing swim. Some of the most popular sandy stretches are Perea, Neoi Epivates, Aghia Triada and Epanomi on Thermaikos bay; Asprovalta and Stavros on Strymonikos bay – just to mention a few.


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Beaches in Chalkidiki

an hour or less from downtown Thessaloniki


Beautiful sandy beaches with clear-blue seas, crowned by lush vegetation, offer a nice retreat, just a short distance from emblematic Thessaloniki. Rumour has it that the beaches of Chalkidiki are unlike any others in Greece. The volume of tourists swarming the area comfirms it.


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Pozar Baths

1h 44’ from downtown Thessaloniki


At a height of 360-390 meters, Pozar Baths stand at the foot of Mt. Kaimaktsalan. These mountain springs, with their therapeutic thermal waters (at a constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius), are the ideal destination for a relaxing get-away.


Those in need of an adrenaline rush after relaxing at the baths, can go trekking at one of the many trails through the Dark Forest, run up the wooden staircase to discover the 16 prehistoric caves or visit the nearby gorge.


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Lake Kerkini

1h 30’ from downtown Thessaloniki


One of the ten Greek wetlands of International Importance, the lake is a rare example of fine human intervention in a superb natural landscape: riparian forests of wild willows, water-lilies expanded in a surface of thousands hectares, buffalos swimming in the tranquile waters, just underneath the towering mountains Belles and Krousia, give the lake its unique character.

The lake is ideal for bird watching. Around 300 rare and protected bird species live and breed here. Among them, the Pelican and the Pygmy Cormorant, which are threatened with extinction.


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Mt. Holomontas

1h 20’ from downtown Thessaloniki


Mt. Holomontas imposes itself on the central and northern part of Chalkidiki, offering breathtaking views to all directions. Its peak is 1,165 m. above sea level. The mountain is covered by lush vegetation. On lower heights, there are oak trees and, on higher reaches, chestnut, pine, fir and beech trees. Trees often make way to beautiful clearings, where wild flowers, mushrooms and various herbs grow. Mt. Holomontas is also home to a host of wild animals and birds.


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2h from downtown Thessaloniki

Kastoria is a fairy-tale city. Bordering Orestiada Lake and surrounded by mountains, Kastoria is bound to charm its visitors. Its name is probably derived from beavers (“kastores” in Greek), who lived in the area until the 18th century. Kastoria is one of Greece’s most lovely cities, set in a place of exquisite natural beauty and boasting rich history and culture.

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